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15£15.00 / month

Help keep Tommy safe with a monthly donation. Major needs: security in case of physical threats, especially when with his children, plus funds in case of further attacks from the “justice” system.


1 £1.00 / month

Product Description

Tommy has spoken out against a system that refused to protect citizens, especially young girls. The authorities were too afraid of being called racist. He needs support so he can continue to fight for justice. At some point, without enough help, we burn out or, at the very least, we do ever so much less than we could.

Tommy Robinson, enemy of the state

Tommy walked free on April 14, due to excellent legal representation – because enough money had been raised for pay for it. But when you're in shark infested waters, you know that escaping one shark attack does not make you safe.

Additional Information

You set the donation amount

Some people suggested monthly donations when they gave. We thought: best to make it totally flexible. It can only be in one currency, so it is in GBP, as that’s the currency everything would be converted into, no matter the currency of the donation.

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